The Most 2020 Christmas Jumpers

We can all agree that 2020 has been quite the year! With a global pandemic that has changed our way of life combined with confusing messages from our prime-minister. What better way to break the ice on your Zoom Christmas party than wearing 2020 themed Christmas jumpers. is launching a very LIMITED range of 2020 themed Christmas jumpers. Available in XXS to XXL, these jumpers will cost £20 with free delivery. We only have a handful in each size.

All you have to do is sign up for the waiting list at the bottom of the page. Hurry though, unlike 2020, these jumpers will be gone in the blink of an eye. They come in 3 themes.

1. Boris’s ‘Stay Home This Christmas, But Don’t Stay Home!’ Christmas Jumper

This jumper is a nod to Boris Johnson’s mixed messaging around Covid 19 throughout the year. It makes it a prime candidate for the funniest Christmas jumper in 2020.

2. Covid 19 Pug Christmas Jumper

What’s more Christmassy in 2020 than a pug wearing antlers? A pug wearing a facemask with antlers. We don’t think could find anything cuter than this holiday jumper.

3. Good Riddance to 2020 Christmas Jumper

This jumper is for those keen on seeing the back of 2020. With a loading bar to symbolise how close we are to 2021, you are sure to get some laughs and giggles with this jumper.

Hurry. Christmas is near and we only have a very limited amount of jumpers in various sizes. We will be picking people randomly. The lucky few will be sent to a landing page to make the payment of £20 with free delivery.

Vegan Christmas Recipes Guide


Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many vegans. You go home to spend Christmas with your loved ones and have limited options for food. From annoying questions like, ‘How do you survive on carrots and salad?’ to your mum cooking a vegetarian dish. I’ve had it all.

Instead of sulking, if you are looking for something practical then you are in the right place. This guide is a round-up linking to the best recipes for vegans this Christmas. The aim is to have a nice resource for vegans to use as a reference every Christmas.

Vegan Christmas recipes

Being a vegan, I’ve always looked for new inspiration when it comes to plant-based meals. This has led me to collect recipes from all over. This article picks what I think would make the best vegan Christmas dinner recipes. I would break down a traditional Christmas dinner into 3 parts.

  • Starters / sides
  • Mains
  • Desserts

Vegan Christmas sides

A vegan Christmas dinner menu is incomplete without its side dishes. Thankfully there are plenty of mouth-watering sides for vegans. These recipes blend healthy, tasty, and filling.

Pan-fried Brussels Sprouts with tofu bacon

Another tasty recipe that uses Brussels sprouts. Traci from Vanilla & Bean shows us how you can put Brussels sprouts and pears together in an oven to create a nice flavourful vegan dish which is also gluten-free

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Pan-fried Brussels Sprouts with tofu bacon


Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Pear With Thyme

Another tasty recipe that uses Brussels sprouts. Traci from Vanilla & Bean shows us how you can put Brussels sprouts and pears together in an oven to create a nice flavourful vegan dish which is also gluten-free.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Pear With Thyme


Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Meyer Lemon and Pomegranate

Okay, the last one for Brussels sprouts, this dish is different from the previous two. Lucy from Turnip the Oven highlights that there are other ways to enjoy Brussels sprouts besides sticking them in an oven. This recipe shreds the Brussels sprouts and mixes them with pomegranate and other ingredients to create a crunchy salad full of goodness

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Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Meyer Lemon and Pomegranate


Yorkshire pudding (popovers)

This is a simple but easy one by the Vegan Society. It gives a completely vegan Yorkshire pudding using soy milk as an alternative to eggs. My non-vegan friends couldn’t tell the difference.

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Yorkshire pudding (popovers)


Vegan mushroom rolls

This is a mouth-watering starter is a nice twist on sausage rolls with a herby mushroom filling with puffy pastry exterior.

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Vegan mushroom rolls


Rosemary infused roast potatoes

You can’t have a Christmas meal without potatoes. The rosemary-infused roast potatoes recipe by healthylivingjames is a favourite of mine. It is a nice crispy side for anyone.

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Rosemary infused roast potatoes


Celeriac & hazelnut soup

In terms of vegan Christmas starters, this is a great choice. Great in texture and taste! Only serve in teacups, so it allows room for mains.

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Celeriac & hazelnut soup


Vegan Smoked Salmon

Made with natural ingredients, this starter in point with its texture and low in fat. Serve it with cracker vegan cream cheese and you’re onto a great start to your Christmas day.

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Vegan Smoked Salmon


Vegan Christmas mains

For all the mouth-watering sides, no Christmas dinner is complete without a main meal. Something to make sure you’re stuffed like a turkey.

Below are my favorite picks for Christmas dinner main course recipes to help inspire you.

Big Bosh! Nut roast

A nut roast is the ultimate mains for vegans. Be sure to check out Bosh TVs recipe on how to make a vegan nut roast this Christmas.

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Big Bosh! Nut roast


Beetroot & red onion tarte tatin

This beetroot and red onion tarte tatin recipe is another mains which perfectly suited for a meat-free Christmas dinner.

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Beetroot & red onion tarte tatin


Sweet potato parcel

Bake this delightful mains moreish sweet potato parcel mixed with festive flavour with the sage and chestnut.

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Sweet potato parcel


Chestnut, Mushroom & Squash Christmas Filo Wreath Pie

There’s something very Christmassy about this Chestnut, Mushroom & Squash Christmas Filo Wreath Pie. Long gone are the days when a vegan Christmas dinner was limited to a handful of side dishes!

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Chestnut, Mushroom & Squash Christmas Filo Wreath Pie


Seitan Turkey

This is for all those who turned vegan but miss the occasional taste of a traditional Christmas meal. It would go perfectly with those rosemary infused potatoes. This vegan no turkey is one of my favourite vegan Christmas roasts.

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Seitan Turkey


Vegan Christmas Desserts

Vegan chocolate pots

This sweet and luxurious recipe is 100% vegan. Jamie Oliver has a secret ingredient to make this among the best vegan chocolate dessert recipes ever!

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Vegan chocolate pots


Vegan Christmas pudding

With a mixtures dried figs, raisins, sultanas, and rum, this vegan Christmas pudding packs a solid punch. It’s best served warm with some vegan ice cream.

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Vegan Christmas pudding


Chocolate cranberry Christmas mini cakes

Chocolate cranberry Christmas mini cakes

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Chocolate cranberry Christmas mini cakes


Vegan Lemon & Blood Orange Upside Down Cake

Even though it looks like something straight out of spring, this delicious lemon and blood orange upside-down cake makes a great dessert on Christmas day. The citrus flavour is bound to get everyone’s mouths watery.

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Vegan Lemon & Blood Orange Upside Down Cake


Raw vegan gingerbread cake

An impromptu brainchild of Tuulia Talvio, this raw cake packs a solid punch among the vegan cheesecake recipes. If you’re cheesecake lover and happen to be vegan, this might be what you’ve been looking for. What makes this cake so special and Christmassy is the gingerbread spices.

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Raw vegan gingerbread cake


Hopefully, now you’re filled with enough inspiration to create your best ever vegan Christmas dinner.

Christmas in July: Origins, Celebrations, Traditions, and Everything Else You Wanted To Know

If you’ve never heard of the term “Christmas in July,” don’t worry. We’re about to unravel the mystery behind this unofficial holiday (and why it’s so beloved).

If you’ve never heard of the term “Christmas in July,” don’t worry. We’re about to unravel the mystery behind this unofficial holiday (and why it’s so beloved).

What comes to mind when you hear the word July? If you answered something like barbecues, burgers, and fireworks, we wouldn’t blame you. However, for some people, the mention of July brings a much different response, like crafts, vendors, presents, and Christmas.

Christmas? Yes, Christmas.

Sit tight as we break down all the mysteries behind the unofficial holiday people celebrate around the world known as Christmas in July.

What Is Christmas in July?

The idea of “Christmas in July” comes from the notion that Christmas actually occurs during a summer month below the equator.

Winter Weather

Therefore, to celebrate Christmas with all its winter-like charm, it would make more sense to celebrate Christmas during the peak of winter in the southern hemisphere, which happens in July. An unofficial holiday, it has become increasingly popular over the years to the point now where millions of people around the globe celebrate it each year.

Summer Months

In parts of the world above the equator, the term centers around beating the heat and getting a jump start on the holiday shopping season that usually begins the day after Thanksgiving.

The “Other Christmas Story” – Origins of Christmas in July

The origins of the original Christmas in July are a bit of a mystery. Lucky for you, we’ve done our research, so you don’t have to. It appears there are a few different theories behind the origins of Christmas in July.

THEORY 1: It All Began With an Opera

According to some theories on the matter, Christmas in July may have been first mentioned as early as 1892. It is said that the notion of Christmas in July was mentioned in a French opera called Werther. It was translated into English in 1894.

In Werther, a group of children rehearses a Christmas song in July. A character in the story responds with the following phrase, “When you sing Christmas in July, you rush the season.”

The opera itself is based on Gothe’s book The Sorrow of Young Werther. While the book makes reference to Christmas, it doesn’t reference the month of July.

Christmas in July Began With an Opera

THEORY 2: It All Started With a Summer Camp

According to Country Living, another popular theory is that it all started at an all-girls camp in North Carolina, called Keystone Camp, in 1933. In the interview, the camp’s director, Paige Ives Lemel recalls that the origin of the tradition started with the co-founder Fannie Holt.

She describes Fannie as a “whimsical, dreaming, creative type” who was behind the unique activities found at the camp.

Christmas in July Started With a Summer Camp

She remembers the activity began with guests gathered in jumpers around a decorated stage. As the curtain opened, a group of carolers sang Christmas songs standing around a Christmas tree. Santa Claus was also spotted popping out of the top of a “shoe house.” He began giving presents to the campers while singing Jingle Bells. Carolers threw imitation snow in the form of cotton balls.

The tradition has carried on every year since then at the all-girls camp aged seven to fourteen. The celebration has become more elaborate since the 1970s, with girls leaving pillowcases outside of their cabins as stockings. They are filled with candy by Santa and his elves. How cute is that?

THEORY 3: It All Started in Europe

Another commonly held belief is that Christmas in July started in Europe. During the hot summer months, when people want to escape the heat of summer, they look at the fondness of cold things, like ice cream, holiday spirit, gift-giving, and Santa Claus.

Who else better to carry on the Christmas tradition in summer than the birthplace of Charles Dickens. Whether or not Christmas in July originated in Europe is not yet confirmed, so you’re guess is as good as ours.

THEORY 4: It All Started With Some Irish Blokes

Another idea is that the popularity of Christmas in July was started by a few Irish tourists traveling in the Blue Mountains of Sydney. The story goes that while on holiday in July, they were filled with Christmas spirit due to all the falling snow. They asked a proprietor to throw a Christmas in July party called Yulefest.

We know what you’re thinking.

Are you raving mad, mate? Irish blokes just walked up to a hotel in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia, and demanded Christmas in July? And they set out to make it happen?


The owner and operator of the establishment turns out was of Irish descent and also recalled the Christmas’ of his youth, with frost windows, snow outside, and figgy pudding. So at the tourists’ requests, he gave them just that.

It became such a hit that other establishments in the Blue Mountains joined into the point now that it is a significant Christmas in July tourist attraction across the world.

Where Is Christmas in July Celebrated?

Since the release of the Hollywood film Christmas in July in 1940, the idea of the festive celebration has increased in popularity. Marketing firms started taking advantage of the concept with Christmas in July sales at department stores since the 1950s and for major brands.

Christmas in July

It’s gotten to the point where it’s become mainstream with major shopping outlets like Amazon and Walmart are climbing aboard Santa’s out-of-season shopping train. These major distributors are taking advantage of the slow shopping season and offering major deals in July. For example, Amazon’s Prime Day usually takes place in mid-July.

Amazon’s Prime Day

Each year there seems to be a new area celebrating the holiday spirit of Christmas in July. Here are a few places where Christmas in July can be celebrated around the world.

Northern Hemisphere

In parts above the equator, Christmas in July signifies a chance to beat the heat and get into the holiday spirit. Shops and local vendors at festivals sell their wares, and families enjoy delectable sweet treats that combat the hot weather.

United States

In July, Christmas seems to be catching on in areas all across the United States from New York to Alaska. Festivals in the United States focus on supporting local vendors, small-town shops, and bringing families into the holiday spirit with shopping, family activities, and gift-giving. Here are a few of the top Christmas in July festivals that happen in the states.

1. Oceanside, CA.

Home to the Christmas in July Artisan Festival, families can sightsee local art vendors, attend a bake sale, and participate in an activity area.


2.North Pole, AK.

What’s better than going to where the magic happens? Home to the world’s tallest Santa, you’ll love the vibe. While you’re there, visit the Santa Claus House for classic toys, gifts, and other knick-knacks.

    Other notable spots that celebrate Christmas in July include:

  • Dallas, TX.
  • Phoenix, AZ.
  • Chalfont, PA.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you some points North, South, East, and West.


Although not huge in Canada, Christmas in July is popular in Quebec, Canada, where the annual Camper’s Christmas is celebrated. At the event, people gather on the weekend closest to July 25th to decorate, participate in present hunts, play ball hockey, and have toboggan races on the grass.

United Kingdom

The UK has started to embrace Christmas in July with company expos. This provides shoppers a chance to embrace products and brands they may not have had a chance to see otherwise. It also provides a gateway for retailers to find new customers. It’s a win-win.

Southern Hemisphere

While Christmas in July in the northern hemisphere provides a nice respite from the summer heat, the real action of Christmas in July happens at points south of the equator.


Christmastime in Australia is relegated to warm weather, sandy beaches, and barbecues. So it only makes sense that Australia would make Christmas in July a big event. With the colder weather outside, people can embrace the holiday spirit the way it was intended.

During July in Australia restaurants and pubs create Christmas in July menus special for the occasion. The streets don twinkling lights. Ice rinks are packed with people sliding to and fro. The fake snow machines keep everyone in the spirit. Christmas jumpers are in full display, and friends and families gather around warm fireplaces.

Throughout June, July, and August, you’ll see Yuletide festivals all around Australia, but specifically in the Blue Mountains of Sydney. Whether it’s skiing, having drinks, or attending clubs, everyone seems to be in the festive mood. From Christmas markets to ice skating by the beach, you’re sure to find the Christmas spirit. The Rocks, in Sydney, hold a very special Christmas in July festival with tall pines, European chalet Christmas stores, caroling, and mulled wine.

Christmas in July festival

This year’s event is scheduled to take place from July 9th to the 19th!

There is also the Winterland Festival in Campbell Town, southwest of Sydney. In Sovereign Hill, Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, there is Winterwonderlights that has beautiful street markets lit up, faux snow, and more.

New Zealand

Being so close to Australia, you would assume that New Zealand would share the same fascination with Christmas in July. Still, ironically that doesn’t appear to be the case. While some restaurants may offer special Christmas in July menus, it is few and far between.

Perhaps this is because of a popular July tradition in New Zealand that celebrates the Maori New Year, called the Matariki Festival. Whatever the case, Christmas in July doesn’t appear high on their list of celebrations.

South Africa

In July, Christmas appears to be very popular in South Africa, especially in the cities of Johannesburg and Capetown. Some head to the mountains for the holiday. A small village in Hogsback becomes the main tourist attraction with Christmas bonfires, decorated streets with twinkling lights, carolers, African Sleigh rides, a gala Christmas dinner, and more. It is so popular that it books up months in advance.

How to Throw a Christmas in July Party

If you’re looking to break up the summer and have some fun, Christmas in July is the perfect theme for a party. You can have friends over for a movie and drinks. If you want to include presents, you could have friends bring a cheap gift. You could even have people come in their favorite ugly sweater. If you’re looking for party ideas, here is how you could go about bringing Christmas to July.

Hallmark Has You Covered

During July, Hallmark has started to air Christmas Classics. This can be a great way to get a few friends together, have some margaritas, and get into the holiday spirit early. You can find a detailed list of their Christmas in July programming. Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of Hallmark movies.

Make it a Yankee Swap

A Yankee swap is a great way to bring Christmas in July. Who doesn’t love a themed party, and with the fun of a Yankee swap, you can limit the cost of gifts, and even open it up for gag items for an extra laugh. If you’re not familiar with a Yankee swap, it’s really easy. Everyone gets a number. Everyone draws a number. The higher your number, the better. This gives you the advantage of taking someone’s gift if they picked before you. However, if you’re lucky enough to draw number one, you can choose anyone’s gift. Sounds like fun, huh?

Make it an Ugly Sweater Party

Who doesn’t love an ugly sweater party? Simply go online and find your favorite jumper, and you’re all set. You could even have a contest to make it more fun! I know what you’re thinking. It’s hot in July. It’s not hot in the air conditioning.

Change Your Summer Plans With Christmas In July

Whether it’s throwing a Christmas-themed party or vacationing where Christmas in July is popular, who says Christmas can’t come to Summer? So throw on a jumper, exchange some gifts, and have some drinks. Christmas in July is a great way to break up the monotony of Summer and have some fun in an entirely new way.

Did you like our list? Is there anything that we missed? Let us know.

For more information on this topic and more, visit our blog frequently. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest and greatest jumpers.

Christmas Jumper Day 2022: Beginners Guide

It’s finally December and the countdown to Christmas officially begins. We have 24 days before Christmas. But before Christmas, we have Christmas Jumper Day.

Having launched in 2012, Christmas Jumper Day has become a staple part of the build-up to Christmas in the UK. This is the one time of the year that you can wear a tacky jumper and get away with it!

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day was first introduced by the charity, Save The Children. People are encouraged to wear the tackiest and ugliest Christmas jumpers to work and donate £2.

When is Christmas Jumper Day?

This year’s Christmas Jumper is on Thursday, 8th December 2022.

How Do I get involved with Christmas Jumper Day?

It’s quite straightforward. You just need to wear a Christmas jumper and donate just £2 to Save the Children.

A lot of people donate as part of a company. Find out at work if your company is partaking in Christmas jumper and donate the money via your company. If your company isn’t taking part you could take the action and champion the cause or just donate directly.

Alternatively, you do it among your family members or a group of friends. Seeing it as an excuse to wear jumpers and donate money to help Save The Children.

How can I raise money for Save The Children?

If you’re interested in raising more money – register here. There are so many out-of-the-box ways that you can raise money.

– Hold a festive bake sale day at school or work.
– Promise to do the most ridiculous things if you raise an x amount.
– Wear a Christmas jumper for every day in the build-up to Christmas and raise money.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I’ll leave it to you to do the rest.

You can also purchase merchandise from Christmas Jumper Day to help raise further funds.

Who can participate in Christmas Jumper Day?

Anyone! Men, women, boys, girls, babies (and even dogs).

Can I celebrate Christmas Jumper Day on another day?

Of course, you can. The 8th is just the official day this year. You do it anytime from late November to Christmas day. Just make sure you donate £2.

I don’t have a Christmas jumper

That’s no reason to worry. At Christmas Jumper Club we list a wide of Christmas jumpers for men, women, children and dogs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re expecting a baby. Or want to get a matching jumper with your partner.